Our Team

William “Skip” Miller


Skip Miller is President of M3 Learning, a ProActive Sales and Sales Management Training Company based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As President of M3 Learning, Skip has provided training to hundreds of companies in over 35 countries. He created M3 Learning to “make a salesperson better on each individual call.” M3 Learning’s signature selling methodology, ProActive Selling™, is unique in its high-definition focus on the tactics of selling and proactive sales cycle control.

Skip is also the author of the runaway bestseller, ProActive Sales Management. Ranked number one by Amazon for five consecutive years, it has have been translated into multiple languages worldwide and has become the classic textbook for Sales Managers, both new and seasoned alike.

Skip is also the author of four other bestselling books including ProActive Selling, Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting, Ultimate Sales Tool Kit, and More ProActive Sales Management. He has currently published his sixth title, ProActive Selling Second Edition.

Prior to starting M3 Learning, Skip was a Vice President for Dataquest, a leading high technology market research firm. He held numerous positions within Dataquest including Vice President, General Manager–North America, and Vice President for North American Sales and Marketing, During Skip’s tenure, the company’s revenue and earnings were unprecedented.

Prior to Dataquest, Skip spent 11 years with McDonnell Douglas in the Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) market. His experience in sales, marketing and operational management spans more than 25 years.

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Tom Latourette

Managing Partner

Tom Latourette joined the M3 team as our Midwest Office Partner. He’s located in the Chicagoland area and has been a disciple of the M3 Learning process since 2000 when he was the VP of Sales and Marketing at SBR, Inc.

With over 26 years of marketing, sales, and sales management experience, Tom is able to bring a unique, real world perspective to your M3 Learning experience. His knowledgeable application of the ProActive solutions can make a big impact in your productivity either as a sales manager or a salesperson.

“As a former VP of Sales and someone who came up through the sales ranks of a growing organization I understand all too well the challenges inherent in a management and sales career. We were successful applying Skip’s teachings to our various companies. Our sales and sales management team lived and breathed many of the key M3 tenants. I believe I can bring that same culture and transfer of ownership to your organization.”

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Amanda Ambrose

Managing Partner

Amanda Ambrose brings more than 17 years of experience, working primarily with Silicon Valley technology companies in sales management, sales training, coaching, marketing, business analytics, program and project management roles. Amanda has worked within organizations of all sizes, ranging from early stage start-ups, to large, multinational semiconductor and biotechnology corporations.

Driven by a desire to leverage her corporate background, Amanda founded Amanda Theresa Coaching & Consulting in 2011, with a focus on strategic initiatives, leadership coaching, and change management training for clients in executive management positions across the United States. Using Co-Active Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming models, Amanda works directly with clients to build customized tools and strategies to support ongoing leadership development, communication, performance, and engagement in their professional and personal lives. Although she specializes in 1:1 executive coaching, Amanda is equally adept at facilitating group coaching and training sessions. In addition to working with coaching clients, Amanda oversees the strategic operations, curriculum development, coaching, virtual training, and change management programs at M3 Learning.

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from Santa Clara University, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification from pioneering researcher, author, and international trainer Judith DeLozier, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute.

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Regan Robertson

Chief Brand Architect

Regan Robertson joined the M3 team as our Chief Brand Architect. She’s located in the greater Seattle area and is passionate about M3 Learning’s tools, philosophy and M3 team.

Regan brings over fifteen years experience in design, marketing, and branding strategy with an emphasis on navigating the challenges of multi-industry companies. An award-winning graphic designer and Certified Color Consultant, Regan helps deliver messages for small, hometown companies to global corporations. Her role with M3 is to ensure M3′s brand is defined, and enhanced, so that M3 remains and excels as a global leader in sales management and training.

“High quality content and design has never been more important. In the last decade, the amount of information that’s available has exploded. It is not enough to merely speak; rather, we succeed when we listen to our clients. My goal is to house M3′s brand as an ecosystem for seamless interaction. Each facet of M3 has a role in that ecosystem. From our website, print materials, e-news, social media, video, and media relations, M3′s message and vision must answer to our client’s needs.”

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Susan Love

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Susan Love brings more than 20 years of strategic sales and marketing experience to M3 Learning. For 15 years, she served as CEO of Carlen Media Group, a curiosity-driven, integrated marketing agency based in San Francisco.
Before forming the agency in 1996, Love worked with Pride Institute, an international management company, serving first as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and then as Chief Operating Officer.

Love is also an experienced reporter in newspaper, radio and new media and has an extensive background in medical publishing, including the marketing of books, electronic media and trade journals in both the U.S. and international markets. Love earned a degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

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Deb Ricci

Senior Account Executive

Deb Ricci gained extensive experience in a variety of sales, and sales management positions. After several years as National Sales Manager for a medical equipment manufacturer, she took time off to raise her family while working part time in the insurance industry. Debora recently relocated to California and is now responsible for M3 Learning’s sales and customer service.

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Jane Le Gear

Executive Office Manager

Ever since graduating from business school, I have enjoyed a long and satisfying career in business administration. After moving with my family from the “Green Isle” of Ireland, I worked for a research company in Palo Alto, California until I decided to make a “career change” to become a full time mommy to my daughters. Staying home with my daughters was, and still is, an incredibly rewarding and gratifying experience. Ever since I returned to my professional career in business administration, I have found great satisfaction through being involved as an integral part of the team, meeting new friends, and working in different industries. I consider myself to be a sincere and upbeat person, with a positive attitude, approaching everything in life as an experience.

Presently, here at M3 Learning, I work with a great team of people and strive to achieve the same success. I love that no two days are the same, and I can relate to the famous quote: “Mama always said, life was like a box a chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

While away from the office, I enjoy my time with my husband, three daughters, and love cooking, entertaining, gardening, and following the San Jose Sharks.

“Yesterday’s gone, enjoy today, and look forward to tomorrow.”

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