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Introducing M3 Learning's New Interim President

We're excited to share some important news from M3 Learning. Our founder, Skip Miller, built this company on the belief that anyone can excel in sales with the right tools and motivation. This vision has turned into a remarkable reality, as over 300,000 sales professionals worldwide have embraced his methods, using our tools to drive significant revenue for their organizations.

Under Skip's guidance, M3 Learning's offerings have grown to encompass not only programs for individual sales representatives but also comprehensive leadership and management training. His aspiration was always for M3 Learning to continuously elevate the art of selling through structured, effective programs and to empower leaders to coach with excellence and uphold the highest standards.

In keeping with our commitment to this vision, we're thrilled to announce that Christine Rogers will be taking on the role of interim president of M3 Learning. Christine's exceptional track record as a revenue leader in two high-profile SaaS companies, coupled with her successful integration of the M3 methodology to revitalize sales processes and stimulate growth, makes her an ideal choice for this role. Her recent collaboration with Skip on the ProActive Selling technique at Aspireship - a leading sales training and recruitment platform for tech companies - is a testament to her profound understanding of and alignment with our mission at M3 Learning.

Christine's unique insights into the needs of our clients, her extensive knowledge of our programs, and her dynamic energy are perfectly suited to carry forward and build upon Skip's vision.

This transition marks a significant milestone for M3 Learning, symbolizing both our dedication to honoring Skip's remarkable legacy and our move towards a future filled with innovation and heightened market leadership. We're confident that under Christine's skilled direction, M3 Learning will reach new heights.

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