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Every sale has two value propositions - above the line and below the line. Yet, salespeople are only trained to sell to one. Despite different needs and challenges, the focus is on below the line criteria, benefits, positioning, and price. This is backward! Effective sales teams positioned above the line cut their sales cycles in half and double average order sizes.

How? Welcome to Talking to Above the Line with Skip Miller and Tom Latourette, the podcast that helps sales leaders and salespeople have the right conversations at the right time. It's time to stop selling the same way you did a year ago. Join Skip and Tom every week to learn how you can overcome your sales issues and challenges and discover specific ways to increase your profit margins.

Skip Miller is President of M3 Learning, a sales and sales management training company based in Silicon Valley. M3's signature selling method, ProActive Selling™, is unique in its focus on the tactics of sales cycle control. Through training hundreds of companies in over 35 countries, he aims to make a salesperson better on each call.

Tom Latourette has been a disciple of the M3 Learning process since 2000 when he was VP of Sales and Marketing at SBR, Inc. With over 26 years of management experience, Tom brings a unique, real-world voice to this show.

Each week, Skip and Tom talk with senior executives to get a look under the hood of sales. In the episodes, you'll hear how ATLs make decisions, what challenges and risks they face, and why they work with partners, vendors, and suppliers. You will also discover useful strategies and practical steps to improve profitability.

When traditional selling tactics are not cutting it, it’s time to look to the experts. Tune in every week to understand the language ATL buyers use to become effective selling into the C-Suite like never before. Don’t miss an episode of Talking to Above the Line with Skip Miller and Tom Latourette!



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