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M3 Learning Update

In a significant leadership update, M3 Learning is excited to announce that Christine Rogers, who has served as the interim CEO, has been officially appointed as the permanent CEO.


Christine has been an integral part of M3 Learning, working closely with the company's late founder, Skip Miller. Her efforts have been instrumental in driving growth across several SaaS organizations, showcasing her deep understanding of market dynamics, customer engagement, and sales team leadership.

Christine's reputation within the industry is built on a foundation of respect and admiration, stemming from her unwavering dedication to excellence and her innovative strategies that have consistently led to breakthrough results. Colleagues and competitors alike commend her for her insightful leadership, her ability to navigate complex market challenges, and her mentorship that has inspired a new generation of sales professionals. This esteemed standing within the business community underscores her suitability to guide M3 Learning towards new horizons of success and innovation.


This leadership transition is a key milestone for M3 Learning, symbolizing both our respect for Skip's remarkable legacy and our journey towards future growth and innovation. With Christine at the helm, we're confident in our path forward and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

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