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Empowering sales professionals with

world class sales training.

Providing game-changing sales tools to more than 300,000 sales professionals in 35 countries.


We believe that every individual has the ability to be best in class. All it takes is the right attitude, the right plan and the right sales training tools. Why are you waiting?


Coach your sales team to maximum performance and avoid the mistakes even great sales managers make. Get extraordinary results with our sales management programs.

M3 now delivers Outbounding, ProActive Selling and ProActive Sales Management courses virtually.

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With the “tool-based” nature of our programs, breaking up the courses in 90-minute segments has been extremely successful.


This incremental learning approach, breaking the course into four or five segments, allows the students to learn and practice a few tools after each session. They then can practice what they have learned, and then share what they did with their peers in the next session. 


- No more all-day sessions

- No need for travel and living expenses

- Eliminate the memorization factor of all-day courses

- Experiential learning – students can try new tools and report back on progress

- Manageable  coaching objectives for managers


"Skip and team deliver a great experience, and the training drives great results, with tools to help reps and leaders sustain success"

Greg Holmes, Vice President WW Sales

The ProActive Selling Online Course isn’t for every salesperson — just those aiming to be the best.

In 2 hours you will learn how to maintain control of the Buy/Sell Cycle and spend less time on "maybe" clients.

When you have completed the course, you will have control of the sale, confident about your qualification skills, able to get customer decisions faster and get rid of the maybes in your funnel.


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