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ProActive Discovery

Turning Virtual Discovery into Mutual Action Plan

How we run discovery calls to qualify/disqualify opportunities and get to a decision without delay

Our Students Are Working At:

What's Included


Setting The Stage

  • Learn what a virtual discovery call is

  • How to educate your customers and validate their needs 

  • How to build rapport

  • Make a virtual discovery process ProActive and not lose control

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Change & Outcomes

  • Learn about various listening tactics

  • Find out about the two types of decision makers with two different value goals

  • Discover how to stop losing control of the process


Focusing On The Right Type of Buyer

  • Learn what type of questions to ask

  • Correctly ask about their decision process & budget

  • Find out what you are missing by not assigning homework

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Establishing Next Steps

  • Get the prospect to agree to an implementation date

  • Understand how buyers do not like to be “closed”

  • Learn about the things you are missing in the decision making process

"Skip and team deliver a great experience, and the training drives great results, with tools to help reps and leaders sustain success"

Greg Holmes, Vice President WW Sales


The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction

  • Welcome

  • My Journey


Part 2: Laying The Foundation

  • Learn what a discovery call is

  • How to educate your customers and validate their needs

  • How to build rapport


Part 3: Changes & Outcomes

  • Learn about various listening tactics

  • Find out about the two types of decision makers

  • Discover how your buyers have different goals


Part 4: Focusing On The Right Type of Buyer

  • Learn what type of questions to ask

  • Understand their decision process & budget

  • Find out how giving homework assignment can help your prospects


Part 5: Establishing Next Steps

  • Discover a tool to estimate the implementation date

  • How to ask for decision

  • Learn more about the decision making process



  • Bonus #1: How to keep learning with a team

  • Bonus #2: Discovery calls checklist

  • Bonus #3: Don’t let prospects sell internally

  • Bonus #4: Top 3 mistakes sales reps keep doing

Skip Miller

The Trainer

Skip Miller is President of M3 Learning, a ProActive Sales Management and Sales Training Company based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As President of M3 Learning, Skip has provided training to hundreds of companies in over 35 countries. He created M3 Learning to “make a salesperson better on each individual call.” M3 Learning’s signature selling methodology, ProActive Selling™, is unique in its high-definition focus on the tactics of selling and proactive sales cycle control.

Skip is also the author of the runaway bestsellers Selling Above and Below The Line, ProActive Selling, and ProActive Sales Management. His new book, Outbounding, has taken sales prospecting by storm.


Who is the course for?


Any sales professional or teams that want to stop wasting time on opportunities that will not convert or take forever to make a decision.


Why is discovery so important in the sales process?


Discovery is where the energy for the deal exists. If you do it well, you’ll find bigger deals faster. If you don’t, your deals will drag on and you’ll risk missing your targets.


Why should I listen to you? Who are you?


You’ll learn my whole system to run discovery calls.


It’s a system we’ve been teaching for over 25 years, to over 300,000 salespeople. I’ve written 7 books about sales and prospecting and I have worked with the biggest names in the SaaS and tech industry. Some of my customers include Zoom, Stripe, Tableau, Google and Clickup.


OK. Got this. This must be expensive right?


No. It’s $79.


Most online courses are over $1.000. What’s the catch?


There’s no catch. The goal is to get as many reps as possible to understand how running solid discovery calls can advance their careers. 


What’s missing in this course that other courses charge so much for?


You won’t be watching some highly edited content and it isn’t shot on a big budget. We are also not at a beachfront villa or in front of a rented Ferrari.


It’s just me in my office, giving you tactical knowledge to run better discoveries.


OK, but still... Is it worth $79?


I spent thousands of hours making mistakes and experimenting on running discovery calls, so you don’t have to. You’ll get access to the system we use to run my discovery calls, and the one we have trained over 300,000 salespeople on.


This course is designed to be actionable. It’s not some book you read once and forget. It’s a tactical video-based course with a system that you can use every day, and revisit frequently.

How long will it take to produce results?


It depends on how you apply the system. If you follow the lessons and modules, expect to see some results within a few days.Typically on the first calls you try the new tools out on. 


They are that simple to implement. 

If you do nothing, you won’t see any results.

What do I do next if I want to enroll?


Click the “Pre-Order Now” button below and you’ll get instant access to the course when it goes live.

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